Student Representatives

Thank you for your interest in becoming an OptoPrep Student Representative!

Every year we seek a Part I and a Part II Student Representative from each optometry school to act as their class liaison. Part I reps are selected in their second year with a term that lasts from the second half of their second year to the second half of their third year. Part II reps are selected during their third year and have a term that lasts from the second half of their third year to the end of their fourth year.


  1. Distribute and post OptoPrep flyers, posters and other promotional materials in the appropriate places at your school (e.g. mailboxes, classrooms). These materials will be given to you.
  2. Periodically email your classmates to announce OptoPrep registration specials and important NBEO® announcements. If your school/class has a Facebook page/group, information is to be posted to that group as well.
  3. Discuss and promote the OptoPrep product informally with your classmates and the class below you to increase awareness of the program.
  4. Assist OptoPrep in our efforts to constantly improve our product by providing feedback about how the program helped you (and your classmates) and areas that might benefit from additional material coverage. You should be aware that, legally, you are not allowed to share any questions or specific topics from your board exam. We will not ask about them; it is not our intention to undermine the integrity of the board examination.
  5. Present a brief (30-45 min) PowerPoint presentation (written by OptoPrep) to your classmates outlining some of the basic aspects of the national board examination and the available study materials with an emphasis on why we think OptoPrep is a superior product for board preparation.
  6. Attend an online orientation session and respond to a brief exit survey.


In addition to being a great resume booster, you will be given a free subscription to OptoPrep that will not expire until after boards (normally $399 for a 180-day Part I subscription or a 90-day Part II subscription).

Time Commitment

In general, we do not expect this position to occupy a large amount of time on your part and we expect that you will find it rewarding to be a resource for your classmates when it comes to board exam preparation.

Any Questions? Interested in Applying?

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please contact our Program Manager, Katie Jack, at