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Top Questions

1. Why should I sign up for OptoPrep?

OptoPrep is a study resource with numerous features not available elsewhere to assist you in passing the NBEO®. With its interactive, online format, OptoPrep customizes your study sessions by creating detailed reports on your progress in all subject areas. This will allow you to allocate your study time to the areas that will help you most on your exam. The database also remembers the questions that you answer incorrectly and asks you those questions again until you get them right. Randomization of the answer choices prevents you from memorizing the location of the correct answer and helps you to actually learn the subject matter.

OptoPrep has the most extensive question database of its type with more than 2,400 questions for Part I and over 200 cases for Part II, all with detailed answer explanations which serve as key learning material. OptoPrep has an impressive group of contributors and staff who keep material relevant and up-to-date in all areas.

The practice questions are formatted similarly to that of the actual exam, allowing you to become more familiar and comfortable with the types of questions on the exam and the process of navigating through this type of test. The database covers topics most relevant and commonly covered on the NBEO®, and excludes most of the minutia that would be less efficient for you to study. In short, OptoPrep is the interactive, straightforward, and to-the-point way to prepare for your optometry board exam.

2. What is the OptoPrep Guarantee?

OptoPrep is confident that anyone who completes the OptoPrep course will pass the NBEO® exam on their first attempt. This is largely due both to the question recycling feature of OptoPrep, which essentially forces students to learn all of the material in order to make it through the entire course, and detailed answer explanations that accompany each question. Therefore, OptoPrep will provide you with a new OptoPrep subscription (equal in length to your original paid subscription) if you do not pass the NBEO® exam. In order to qualify for a free re-subscription, you must have completed the full OptoPrep course by finishing all (or at least 80% of all) practice questions and timed exam questions before the date of your NBEO® exam. If you did not pass the NBEO® exam, please contact Support for instructions on how to obtain a free re-subscription.

TMOD-only Re-subscriptions
If you previously failed just the TMOD portion of the NBEO® and have been set up with a TMOD-only re-subscription, you must complete at least 80% of all questions in Focused Mode to be eligible for a new subscription should you not pass the exam on your next attempt.

3. Are OptoPrep questions taken from actual NBEO® material?

No. OptoPrep questions are original, copyrighted, and are not taken from previous NBEO® material. Printing, distributing, or any other use of the questions, answers, explanations, photographs, or other material on this site is strictly prohibited without express written consent from OptoPrep. Any person or company claiming to use NBEO® material without their express consent is in violation of their Code of Conduct, and use of such materials is illegal and could result in license forfeiture. OptoPrep is a successful review program because the questions in the course cover a wide array of topics that an entry-level optometrist would be expected to know. By providing detailed explanations with many questions, even if the exact question on the topic is not the same as on your NBEO®, the material you have learned will help you reason your way to the best answer.

4. Who writes OptoPrep Questions?

Optometrists, along with others in the medical field, contribute and edit content. In addition to our customer and technical support staff, specialists in every major subject area are available to respond to student inquiries. Our group consists of seasoned optometrists as well those with recent NBEO® experience. This means that if you read a question and feel that you have learned something differently, an email to our Support Team will be forwarded to an expert in that area so that you can receive an up-to-date response from a specialist.

5. Do you offer a TMOD subscription?

While we don't offer a separate subscription for TMOD-relevant questions, OptoPrep Part II does have a TMOD-only toggle that allows students to enter Focused Mode where only TMOD-categorized content will be shown.

6. What payment options do you accept and is there any way to pay over time?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover for all subscriptions and extensions. Additionally, you can purchase the Part I & Part II Bundle with Affirm and pay over time. With Affirm, you control your payment schedule and the terms are simple and clearly spelled out up front. It's a great option if you want the flexibility of paying smaller monthly payments instead of making a large purchase all at once. For more on Affirm, visit Financing through Affirm is only available in the United States.

Please note that eligibility for OptoPrep's Guarantee depends on your study circumstances. Only those who have taken Part II and failed TMOD (but passed PAM) will be eligible after 80% completion in Focused Mode. Users who have yet to pass both PAM and TMOD will be required to complete at least 80% of the questions in Full Mode in order to be eligible for the Guarantee and free re-subscription.

Questions & Exams

1. Can I answer the questions in OptoPrep more than once?

Questions in the OptoPrep course are divided between practice and exam mode. Any time you miss a question in either mode, it will be recycled and you will be asked that question again in subsequent practice sessions or exams.

The question recycling aspect of OptoPrep is one of its unique and special features. This feature forces the user to learn all of the material in order to successfully complete both sections of the program. OptoPrep feels that anyone who has learned all of the material in the course should be in spectacular shape going into his or her exam.

Once you have correctly completed questions, they will not be asked to you again. However, you can go back to review individual questions in the "Review and Stats" area of the program.

Additionally, the Pile of Done feature allows you to retake every question you've answered correctly. The flashcard-like format serves up questions randomly, and your answers to these questions won't affect your statistics in any way. It's a nice way to brush up on questions you answered correctly in the past, including questions you likely haven't seen in some time. Just note that this feature is only unlocked once you've completed 60% of the questions in the program. Think of it as a little something to look forward to as you make your way through OptoPrep.

2. Can I reset my question bank?

An OptoPrep subscription entitles you to access to all questions in both Practice Question and Timed Exam modes. Each question is available in your active question pool until you have answered it correctly, at which point it is no longer served to you while attempting questions. Because your individualized statistics (which can provide valuable guidance in your studying) are based on your question history, we cannot reset your question bank.

Throughout the program, all questions you attempt, including those you answer correctly, will be available for review through your Statistics and History pages. Therein, you will find a complete history of every question you have answered, including your answer choices and answer explanations. In this way, all of the material remains available to you for the duration of your subscription.

As mentioned just above in question #1, the Pile of Done feature allows you to retake every question you've answered correctly. The flashcard-like format serves up questions randomly, and your answers to these questions won't affect your statistics in any way.

3. How many practice exams are there?

For Part I, the Timed Exam question database contains more than 1,000 items (with more than 1,000 unique questions in Practice mode as well). The number of practice exams available depends on the amount of questions you choose when building each custom timed exam and how many questions you answer correctly during each session. For example, if you choose an average of 30 questions for each exam, and you answer every question correctly, there would be approximately 35 practice exams. However, if you miss questions in these exams, they will be recycled (with answer choices re-ordered) and asked again in a subsequent exam, so you will actually have more than 35 exams depending on how well you do.

For Part II, there are more than 400 questions in Timed Exam mode (with more than 400 unique items in Practice mode as well). Since each exam consists of 45 items, there are approximately 10 practice exams if you answer every question correctly. However, as in Part I, if you miss questions in these exams, they will be recycled and asked again in subsequent exams, so you will likely have more than 10 timed exams available to take.

Focused TMOD-only Mode contains a subset (about 30%) of the questions available in Full Mode, relatively proportional to the ratio on the actual exam. Thus, you will have approximately 30% of the number of timed exams available in Full Mode.

4. What do I do if I find a typographical error or believe a question, answer, or explanation contains an error?

If you believe there is an error in a question, please copy and paste the question into an email to OptoPrep Support and indicate what you believe to be incorrect. If you have a reference for your viewpoint, feel free to include it. The OptoPrep team meets regularly to review any questions about the course material and to make modifications and additions as needed. When necessary, OptoPrep may also contact an appropriate expert to obtain the most definitive answer to your question, which can take some additional time.


1. How long is my subscription valid?

OptoPrep subscriptions are available in 90-day durations for Part I and Part II when they're purchased separately and in 180-day durations for both Part I and Part II when purchased together in the Bundle, valid from the date of payment. If you need a little more time to study, 30-day extensions can be purchased as you approach your expiration date.

2. Can I share my OptoPrep account?

OptoPrep prohibits sharing of your account and monitors all account activity. OptoPrep reserves the right to cancel a subscription if unauthorized use is suspected. Additionally, sharing of accounts will alter your personalized performance record and reduce the number of questions you have available to answer.

3. Are partial subscriptions available?

No, partial subscriptions are not offered at this time.

4. Do you have any discounts available for purchasing both Part I and Part II at the same time?

As a matter of fact, we do! By purchasing both Part I and Part II at the same time (advance bundle purchase), you can save a nice chunk of change! Simply select the Part I & Part II Bundle when purchasing and you will automatically receive both parts at the discounted rate.

5. Can I extend my subscription if my account expires?

OptoPrep allows 30-day subscription extensions. Extensions only increase the duration of your subscription. Your questions will remain as-is (i.e. - your questions are not reset). The cost for a 30-day extension is $60. Shorter durations are not available. When your OptoPrep subscription expires you will automatically be prompted on your dashboard to sign up for an extension and can do so if desired.


1. What are the system requirements to use OptoPrep?

OptoPrep requires an internet connection. High speed connections will be most efficient for study purposes. OptoPrep is optimized for use with Chrome and Safari web browsers. It is compatible with most other modern web browsers provided that they are Javascript enabled and allow cookies.

2. Why can't I log in to my account?

Check your internet browser settings to make sure that cookies, Java, JavaScript, and pop-ups are enabled. Check out for detailed instructions on how to enable these functions within your web browser. If these suggestions do not work, please download the Google Chrome web browser.

3. I am unable to register for an account with OptoPrep. What can I do?

The most common cause for registration failure comes from an incorrect billing address, name, credit card number, or credit card expiration date. Please make sure these are all correct before submitting your registration. Discrepancies with any of this information may cause your registration to fail. It is for your own security!

If you are confident that you have input all of the information correctly, but still get the same error message repeatedly, contact OptoPrep Support so that we can determine the cause of your registration failure and help you to sign up.

4. How can I change my password?

To change your password, please do the following:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on your name in the upper right corner
  3. Click on Profile & Subscriptions
  4. Finally, click the Change Password button in top left

5. When I try to log in, I am unable to do so and the screen says "Uh Oh, please login". What do I do?

Check your internet browser settings to make sure that cookies, Java, JavaScript, and pop-ups are enabled. Check out for detailed instructions on how to enable these functions within your web browser. If these suggestions do not work, please download the Google Chrome web browser.