Just the right amount.
For a whole lot less.

Part I
  • Instant access to over 2,400 NBEO®-style questions, simulated exams, detailed performance stats, flashcard-like question review, the mobile app, and much more!
  • 90 days of access to Part I content and features
Part I & II
  • Over 2,400 NBEO®-style Part I questions
  • More than 200 NBEO®-style Part II Cases
  • Simulate the NBEO® with Timed Exams
  • Detailed explanations with every question
  • Metrics identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Condensed, printable notes on board topics
  • Flashcard-style question review
  • Study in full PAM or TMOD-only mode
  • 180 days of access to Part I & Part II*
Part II
  • Instant access to over 200 NBEO®-style cases, simulated exams, detailed performance stats, the mobile app, and much more!
  • 90 days of access to Part II content and features

Key Features

Everything you need to get from prep to pass on your NBEO® journey.

  • Guarantee: Since 2011 we've helped thousands of students pass boards, and we are confident we can get you there. If you put in the time on our program and don't pass, we'll load you up with a fresh account free of charge.
  • Mobile: iOS & Android apps keep your studies flexible - OptoPrep goes where you go, without a backpack full of books.
  • NBEO®-matrix content: Expert-authored questions were written in category proportions matching NBEO®'s published content matrix.
  • Simulated exams: Content isn't all that matters - getting comfortable with the exam format and time constraints are too. NBEO®-style timed exams help you practice beating the clock.
  • Study Calendars: Our suggested study plan calendars walk you through our content at a steady pace so you don't have to fret about formulating a plan.

Any Questions?

How does OptoPrep work?

OptoPrep maximizes your study time by combining key board topic refreshers with an NBEO®-style interface. Work your way through our exclusive expert-authored question banks while brushing up on sticky topics with our study sheets and image flashcards, and then acclimate yourself to the exam experience with our boards-style timed exams. All the while, detailed accuracy statistics will show you which areas need the most work. This finely-tuned, targeted approach allows you to spend your time wisely. Study once, study right!

Can I reset my questions?

Part I includes the Pile of Done, which allows you to retake every question you've answered correctly, either randomly from all categories or by focusing on questions from one category at a time.. The flashcard-like format infinitely serves up questions and your answers to these questions won't affect your statistics in any way. It's a nice way to brush up on questions you have answered correctly in the past - especially those you maybe haven't seen in some time. Just note that this feature is only unlocked once you've completed 60% of the questions in the program. So it's a little something to look forward to as you make your way through OptoPrep.

More generally speaking, an active subscription entitles you to access all questions in Practice Question and Timed Exam modes until you have answered each question correctly. Because your individualized statistics (which can provide valuable guidance in your studying) are based on your question history, we are unable to reset your question bank.

Once you have completed the program by answering all questions correctly, you continue to have access to all questions through your History pages. Therein, you will find a history of every question you have answered, including answer explanations. In this way, all of the material remains available to you for the duration of your subscription.

How does the Part I & Part II Bundle work?

Purchasing both parts at the same time saves you $299 over buying them separately. Your Part I subscription will begin immediately and you will have 18 months to begin your Part II subscription. And there's no pressure - we think you'll love Part I and Part II, but if you later decide you don't need the second Part, the standard cancelation policy applies to your start date (not your purchase date).

How is OptoPrep different from KMK?

OptoPrep strongly prioritizes efficiency and affordability. Instead of making you pay a lot for a ton of material that's going to take you a good chunk of time to finish, we took a long and hard look at what you actually need to pass the NBEO® and built our program around that. Our goal is to refresh your topic knowledge via content that maps to the NBEO® matrix, and train you on a boards-like interface so that, come test day, you're completely comfortable with the piece that impacts people the most - the exam experience itself.

What is the OptoPrep Guarantee?

OptoPrep is confident that anyone who completes the OptoPrep course will pass the NBEO® exam on their first attempt. This is largely due both to our question recycling feature, which essentially forces you to learn all of the material in order to make it through the entire course, and detailed answer explanations that accompany each question.

Therefore, OptoPrep will provide you with a brand new OptoPrep subscription (equal in length to your original paid subscription) if you do not pass the NBEO® exam. In order to qualify for a free re-subscription, you must have completed the full OptoPrep course by finishing all (or at least 80% of all) practice questions and timed exam questions before the date of your NBEO® exam. If you did not pass the NBEO® exam, please contact Support for instructions on how to obtain a free re-subscription.

Do you offer a TMOD subscription?

While we don't offer a separate subscription for TMOD-relevant questions, OptoPrep Part II does have a TMOD-only toggle that allows you to enter Focused Mode where only TMOD-relevant content will be shown.