Part I Applied Basic Science

Don't just get it right, understand why.
OptoPrep supplies you with detailed answer explanations for every question. Right, wrong or best guess - you will master the material by knowing why right answers are correct and wrong answers are not.

Part I Features

2,000+ unique questions2,000+ unique questions with explanations
Each question is repeate to ensure absorptionQuestions are evenly divided between Practice and Exam mode so that you may study questions at your own pace or with timed exams
Detailed answer explanationsDetailed answer explanations for every question to help you comprehensively understand not just which answer is correct but why
In depth statisticsIn depth statistics to track your progress
Mobile optimizedMobile optimized for 24/7 access on the go
Format simulates the actual NBEO examFormat simulates actual NBEO exam
PowerPagesPowerPages help you review key components on board topics
OptoPrep GuaranteeStudy with confidence with the OptoPrep Guarantee
Content is written by specialistsContent is written by specialists and educators in the field
Content is peer-reviewedContent is peer-reviewed and sent through a rigorous copy editing process
Answer choices are randomizedAnswer choices are randomized to avoid memorization of repeated questions
Timed examsTimed exams allow time management to be practiced


What to Expect

As you may be aware, Part 1 of the NBEO examination underwent significant changes in late 2011, and will be changing again in 2017. The new Part 1 Examination has been renamed "Applied Basic Science" (ABS) and will be taken by third-year optometry students enrolled in their spring semester. The revised exam is a combination of Basic Science test items and items from the Clinical Science Examination, and will be presented in a computer-based format. The exam consists of 2 sections, each containing 185 questions for a total of 370 questions (350 questions will be scored, the remaining 20 questions are unscored pre-test items). Students have 4 hours to complete each section and the exam is administered during a single day.

One of the major changes you will notice in the new exam format is the presence of Multiple Response (MR) questions. These questions will account for approximately 15% of your Part 1 Examination and will provide between 4 and 7 possible answer choices. These questions each have between 2 and 4 correct answers, and you will be required to select ALL of the correct answers in order to receive credit; no partial credit will be awarded. The exam will specify the number of correct answers you are to choose by placing the number in parentheses at the end of the question.

For example, an examination question may end with "(Select 3)", signaling that the question is a Multiple Response (MR) question and three choices must be selected to answer the question correctly. Any question without parentheses indicating a specified number of choices to select should be treated as a traditional multiple-choice question in which only one answer choice is correct. More than one marked answer on these questions will prevent you from receiving credit.

To learn more about the revised NBEO Part 1 ABS Examination, please visit the NBEO website at Additional information can be found on the American Optometric Student Association website at

You may view the Examination Content Matrix covered on the exam, as provided by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO).

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