OptoPrep would like to recognize the authors and contributors of images and other content to the OptoPrep program.

Question Writers and Content Contributors

  • Kenneth Brookman, OD, PhD, FAAO (Ametropia)
  • Pinakin Davey, OD, PhD, FAAO (Glaucoma)
  • Amanda Dexter, OD (Ocular Disease)
  • Timothy Edrington, OD, FAAO (Cornea and Contact Lenses)
  • Thomas Freddo, O.D., Ph.D. (Ophthalmology, Pathology and Anatomy)
  • Robert Gordon, OD, FAAO (Cornea and Contact Lenses)
  • Lauren Hiyama, MD (Allergy, Immunology)
  • Michelle Kirk, OD (Primary Care Optometry)
  • Robert Lee, OD (Ophthalmic Optics)
  • Kristyna Lensky, OD (Primary Care Optometry)
  • Larry May, MD (Internal Medicine)
  • Brooke Messer, OD (Cornea and Contact Lenses)
  • Alissa Nagel, OD, FAAO (Low vision)
  • Jim Owen, OD, FAAO (Refractive Surgery)
  • Jerry Paugh, OD, PhD, FAAO (Ocular Surface Disease and Dry Eye)
  • Bruce Rosenthal, OD, FAAO (Low Vision)
  • Janay Sekhon, OD (Primary Care Optometry)
  • David Sendrowski, OD, FAAO (Ocular Disease)
  • Carrie Turley, OD (Primary Care Optometry and Refractive Surgery)
  • Keith Tyler, OD, FAAO (Ocular Disease)
  • Emma Vicuna, OD, FAAO (Strabismus and Amblyopia)
  • Barry Weissman, OD, PhD, FAAO (Cornea and Contact Lenses)
  • Robert Yacoub, OD, FAAO (Ocular Disease)

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